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Looking for a Comedy?

  • Alice Through the Past Lives
  • A Butler Did It
  • From Here to Insanity
  • Funeral Fore!
  • In the Cards
  • A Jew and a Muslim Walk into a Comedy
  • Mounting Sex in the Afternoon
  • Mr. Fix It
  • Shakespeare Under the Bed
  • Palliser Suite
  • Scrooge – The Female Version
  • Second Chance, First Love

Looking for a Drama?

  • Absinthe, Bourbon, Vodka and Sake
  • High and Splendid Braveries
  • Selma Burke

Get the Scoop on a New Play

  • Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster – The musical
  • Symphony in O.C.D. Major

Published works – Full plays & non-fiction

  • Strategies: The Business of Being a Playwright in Canada
  • Palliser Suite

The First Ever Sourcebook for Canadian Theatre!

Download a copy of the first-ever sourcebook for Canadian Theatre!
Published in 2000, 210 pages.

Strategies is a book of mini portraits of Canadian Theatres and institutions complete with mandates, sample seasons and submission procedures.

Theatres • Universities and Colleges • Festivals • Service Organizations • Grants • Agencies • Competitions • Residencies • Rights Agencies • Agents • Publishers • Awards

Strategies is packed with vital theatre information, profiles of Ronnie Burkett, Micheline Chevrier, Norm Foster, Stephen Heatley, Maureen Hunter, Marti Maraden, Djanet Sears, Iris Turcott, Mary Vingoe and Bob White, and quotes from theatre professionals across the country.


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Published scenes and monologues in anthologies

  • Audition Monologues for Young Women
  • You're Making a Scene
  • Short Spells
  • The Perfect Piece: Monologues from Canadian Plays
  • Another Perfect Piece: Monologues from Canadian Plays