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Scrooge – The Female Version

Scrooge – The Female Version

Full Length



Ebby sells Tupperware. She plays herself and Bob is her assistant he plays the other 16 male characters, ghosts past present future, all the men in her past and the carolers. Mile a minute fun.


The season isn’t just about getting stuff.


The Xmas carol as a two hander comedy.


“Scrooge Spoof hits bulls-eye. Scrooge-The Female Version has been resurrected for a third season at Glenmore Dinner Theatre for a very good reason. Caroline Russell-King’s version of the Dickens classic is sharp-witted, deliciously cynical and outrageously silly.”

– Lin Connery, Calgary Herald

“Ms Scrooge packed ‘em in. When the final curtain came down on Scrooge the Female Version the Glenmore said goodbye to its most successful show in the company’s seven year history. Scrooge hands out laughs. Unsophisticated but spirited romp which gives the funny bone a genuine working over 3 ½ stars.”

– Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun

“Scrooge a big hit… Well timed acting and a witty script made Scrooge the Female version, which played last night last night a satisfying serving of dinner theatre… a zany original quality throughout, which was well received by last night audience.” 

– Eve Edmonds, Medicine Hat News

How To Get a Copy

To order this play please contact The Playwrights Guild of Canada or contact the playwright.

Past Productions

Development History

Scrooge The Female Version was commissioned by The Glenmore Dinner Theatre under the Artistic Directorship of Zelda Dean.

  • Aarif Shivji
    Broad Minds Theatre Productions (Calgary, AB)
  • Greg Rogers
    Glenmore Dinner Theatre (Calgary, AB)
  • Greg Rogers
    On-Stage Theatre (Medicine Hat, AB)
  • Patrick R. Brown
    Glenmore Dinner Theatre (Calgary, AB & Tour BC & AB)
  • Scott Shelley
    Beaumont Drama Society (Beaumont, AB)