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Mr. Fix It

Mr. Fix It

One Act



Part one of a trilogy of plays called Palliser Suite, it can be produced as a one act or in conjunction with the other two, Second Chance, First Love and Funeral Fore!

Mel awakes in his hotel room to find out he isn’t divorced to his ex-wife after all.


When you are given a second chance to make it right, make it right.


Mel has made such a mess of his marriage, can he fix it?


“A gem of a romantic comedy....the jokes come fast and furious but so do Russell-King's insights into what makes a marriage fun, maddening, impossible and salvageable...this is one little diversion you won't want to miss – 4 stars.”

– Louis B. Hobson, The Calgary Sun

“Written as an homage to Neil Simon and it certainly does feel like something Neil Simon might have written. Russell-King keeps the tempo tuned up and the quips flying.”

– Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald

“The script is the star of the show with effortless undulating rhythms that keep the play snappy and entertaining. Russell-King wrote the piece as an homage to Neil Simon and it's not hard to imagine that Simon would be pleased by the honour.”

– Drew Anderson, Fast Forward Magazine

How To Get a Copy

Mr. Fix It is one of three plays published in a trilogy called Palliser Suite.


For community and academic performance rights: The Playwrights Guild of Canada
For professional production rights: Catherine Knights, Catalyst TCM


Past Productions

Development History

Mr. Fix It was read publically as a WIP through APN.

  • Kevin McKendrick
    Lunchbox Theatre (Calgary, AB)