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Alice Through the Past Lives

Alice Through the Past Lives

60 Minutes



Alice undergoes hypnotic regression and travels back to uncover her former selves, a Victorian woman who is about to be murdered, a pregnant teen and an aboriginal boy.


Our lives are all connected


Past lives are lived in this 60 minute one woman show


“Of the spate of Fringe shows dealing with new age out of body stuff like astral projection and cosmic oneness and channeling and past life hypnotic regression this one woman show is the most modest and localized, it is also the most successful.”

– Liz Nichols, Edmonton Sun

How To Get a Copy


For community and academic performance rights: The Playwrights Guild of Canada
For professional production rights: Catherine Knights, Catalyst TCM

Past Productions

Development History

Alice Through the Past Lives was produced by On Stage Theatre Productions, opened in Calgary and toured to the Edmonton and Victoria Fringe Festivals.

  • Patricia Benedict
    Secret Theatre (Calgary, AB)