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Mounting Sex in the Afternoon

Mounting Sex in the Afternoon

Comedy one act version and two act version available



In this hilarious comedy a theatre is mounting a new production of “Sex in the Afternoon”. The playwright changes the genre of the play four times before opening night. The play starts out as a British farce, then a Canadian comedy, then a musical Canadian comedy then finishes a sci-fi musical. The actor in the play is caught between his wife who is playing his mistress and vice versa.


This is how mistakes get made.


Canada’s answer to Noises off – Margret Bard.


“Somewhere in the second act, I lost it completely I laughed uncontrollably. I rolled in the isles. I clapped a lot.”

– Erin Curtain, Toronto On Stage

“A million laughs in frantic romp.”

– Penny Castor, The Advocate

“Mounting Sex in the Afternoon Zone is a gem of a show that sparkles on all counts delivering a comic punch that is sadly to rarely seen…a noble triumph…a sheer delight from start to finish.”

– Mark Weber, Red Deer Press

“Mounting Sex in the Afternoon Zone is a broad, sprawling spoof of sex comedies, off stage affairs, Canadian content cheesy sets and miscued effects.”

– Martin Morrow, The Calgary Herald

How To Get a Copy


For community and academic performance rights: The Playwrights Guild of Canada
For professional production rights: Catherine Knights, Catalyst TCM

To order this play please contact The Playwrights Guild of Canada or contact the playwright.

Past Productions

Development History

Mounting Sex in the Afternoon Zone was work-shopped and read before a public audience with director Marcia Kash at Script Lab in Edmonton. Subsequently it was work-shopped by Kathleen Flaherty at Dramaworks.

Mounting Sex in the Afternoon Zone has had productions in a lot of places. If you see your town or city contact me – it may have been a while ago.

  • Bernadette Jones
    Solar Stage (Toronto, ON)
  • Chelsea Millard
    Workshop Theatre (Calgary, AB)
  • Donna Challis
    Muse Theatre (Saskatchewan)
  • James Montney
    Performing Arts Centre (Leduc, AB)
  • Jim Zalcik
    Jagged Edge Theatre (Edmonton, AB)
  • Marcia Kash
    Lunchbox Theatre (Calgary, AB)
  • Marrisa Bale
    Waterloo, ON
  • Merla Munroe
    The Golden Players (Golden, BC)
  • Thomas Usher
    Prime Stock Theatre (Red Deer, AB)
  • Todd Ryan
    Theatre 75 (Wainwright, AB)
  • Val Hewitt
    McMaster University (Hamilton, ON)