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Mounting Sex in the Afternoon

Mounting Sex in the Afternoon

Comedy one act version and two act version available



In this hilarious comedy a theatre is mounting a new production of “Sex in the Afternoon”. The playwright changes the genre of the play four times before opening night. The play starts out as a British farce, then a Canadian comedy, then a musical Canadian comedy then finishes a sci-fi musical. The actor in the play is caught between his wife who is playing his mistress and vice versa.


This is how mistakes get made.


Canada’s answer to Noises off – Margret Bard.


“Somewhere in the second act, I lost it completely I laughed uncontrollably. I rolled in the isles. I clapped a lot.”

– Erin Curtain, Toronto On Stage

“A million laughs in frantic romp.”

– Penny Castor, The Advocate

“Mounting Sex in the Afternoon Zone is a gem of a show that sparkles on all counts delivering a comic punch that is sadly to rarely seen…a noble triumph…a sheer delight from start to finish.”

– Mark Weber, Red Deer Press

“Mounting Sex in the Afternoon Zone is a broad, sprawling spoof of sex comedies, off stage affairs, Canadian content cheesy sets and miscued effects.”

– Martin Morrow, The Calgary Herald

How To Get a Copy

To order this play please contact The Playwrights Guild of Canada or contact the playwright.

Past Productions

Development History

Mounting Sex in the Afternoon Zone was work-shopped and read before a public audience with director Marcia Kash at Script Lab in Edmonton. Subsequently it was work-shopped by Kathleen Flaherty at Dramaworks.

Mounting Sex in the Afternoon Zone has had productions with a lot of places but if you see your town or city contact me – it may have been a while ago.

  • Bernadette Jones
    Solar Stage (Toronto, ON)
  • Chelsea Millard
    Workshop Theatre (Calgary, AB)
  • Donna Challis
    Muse Theatre (Saskatchewan)
  • James Montney
    Performing Arts Centre (Leduc, AB)
  • Jim Zalcik
    Jagged Edge Theatre (Edmonton, AB)
  • Marcia Kash
    Lunchbox Theatre (Calgary, AB)
  • Marrisa Bale
    Waterloo, ON
  • Merla Munroe
    The Golden Players (Golden, BC)
  • Thomas Usher
    Prime Stock Theatre (Red Deer, AB)
  • Todd Ryan
    Theatre 75 (Wainwright, AB)
  • Val Hewitt
    McMaster University (Hamilton, ON)