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Shakespeare Under the Bed

Shakespeare Under the Bed

(co-written with Richard Beaune)


Shakespeare Under the Bed is a fantasy tragicomedy where a scientist deals with the chaos of William Shakespeare as he falls in love with a drag queen, stages a coup at a theatre and threatens to topple the government.


There is only love… and theatre.


William Shakespeare - he’s baaaaaaack, he’s funny, he’s pissed and he’s taking over.

How To Get a Copy


For community and academic performance rights: The Playwrights Guild of Canada
For professional production rights: Catherine Knights, Catalyst TCM

Past Productions

Development History

This play was commissioned with a generous grant from The Alberta Foundation for the Arts. The play was also dramaturged through Bob White, Artistic Associate Stratford Festival and Trevor Rueger, through The Alberta Playwrights Network.

Further development was made possible by the Playwrights Guild of Canada with Brad Fraser.