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From Here to Insanity

From Here to Insanity

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A psychiatrist’s ex-wife ends up playing hostess to several extraordinary patients with multiple personalities when a nearby mental hospital burns down. James gets blackouts – that’s when his alter female personality Rita make an appearance. The woman has two personalities the classic Madonna/whore syndrome and Benny – Benny just talks in sound effects.


Crazy is just a different point of view.


Multiple personalities were never funnier.


“All the ingredients for farce are there in Caroline Russell-King’s new play: an oddball situation that gets sillier as the performance progresses, some funny lines and characters begging to be hammed up.”

– Kate Zimmerman, The Calgary Herald

“Playwright Caroline Russell-King has discovered humor in the weirdest places and the strangest people. She does a skilled job of creating physical nonsense and writing one line zingers.”

– Louis B Hobson, Calgary Sun

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For community and academic performance rights: The Playwrights Guild of Canada
For professional production rights: Catherine Knights, Catalyst TCM

Past Productions

Development History

From Here to Insanity was written under a Playwright-in-Residency at The Glenmore Dinner Theatre under the Artistic directorship of Zelda Dean.

  • A. Becker
    Kaatz Lakeside Players (Lake Cauichan, BC)
  • David Mulgrew
    Prince Albert Community Players (AB)
  • Jean-Charles Rivard
    Theatre Lac Brome (QC)
  • Joanne Gifford
    Ageless Players (Saskatoon, SK)
  • Kevin Truscott
    Theatre North (Fort St. John, BC)
  • Lori Kirchner
    CHAPS (Ponoka, AB)
  • Merla Munroe
    The Golden Players (Golden, BC)
  • Zelda Dean
    Glenmore Dinner Theatre (Calgary & tour AB)