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Caroline Russell-King
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Menu of Playwright Dramaturgy Services

Find the service you're interested in below and follow the link to purchase via paypal. Once submitted, send an email including your availability and a PDF version of your script to

Caroline will contact you to book your service within 24 hours.

Contact me for payment plans or help with letter of support for your grant or arts funding application.

One-on-one exploratory consultation — $97 per hour

Do you have questions about process or how to write for theatre or get started? This is for the playwright who wants to ask questions about their idea. They want to know if their play idea is viable. This playwright may have source materials (novel, poem, short story, memoir) that they would like to adapt from and would like to know if they can be translated for the theatre.


Introductory Dramaturgy Session — $297

Ready to work on a full draft or some scenes that you have written?

This session includes submitting scenes or play materials prior to the session This is for up to 100 pages (add $1.00 per page over the limit regardless of formatting). This playwright will have a personalized dramaturgical Zoom session for up to two hours.

Intermediate Dramaturgy Session — $497

Do you need a deadline and accountability to finish your play?

This is for the playwright who wants to commit to going forward. This playwright wants to do re-writes based on their first consultation and now have made a commitment to follow through. This playwright will send in their play and we have a session. Later you then follow up with new re-writes, and we have a second session. You get two script analysis’s and two 2- hour sessions.

Deep Dive Dramaturgy
(10 hours for the price of 8) $1097 value for $897

Do you want tailormade 10 hours of dramaturgy support when you need it?

This is for the playwright who wants dramaturgical support while they are in the process of writing. This playwright may be working on a larger piece or there may be a companion piece. This playwright wants support over the entire time of the script writing process which could be 10 hours in one day or spread out over the year.

Deluxe Dramaturgy Package — $1597

Do you the creation of a plan for production, marketing, promotion?

This is for the playwright who wants a deep dive into their play plus a plan to navigate through “the system” on the way to production. We will co-create a personalized marketing plan. We will craft your premise, hook & synopsis. You will get insider information from someone who has adjudicated nationally and worked as a literary manager for three professional theatre companies.

Development Dramaturgy On-line Workshop — $1597

Have you had one-on-one dramaturgy and now you need a professional workshop with professional actors?

This is for the playwright who wants a full day intensive. Theatre isn’t best serviced over Zoom; however, lots of discoveries can be made by hearing the play read out loud. There is a whole protocol for the professional workshop which is quite different than having friends read around your kitchen table! Your play can have up to six actors.

Want to book your own actors? $1597  $997

Professional Play Workshop in your City

This is for the playwrights who is at the stage where they need to have a full day professional workshop with up to six professional actors in their city. This price includes the rental of a theatre or rehearsal hall, up to 6 professional actors, hard copy of scripts and lunch for the participants.

You will hear your play read out loud and have an eight-hour round table intensive script development.

Book your Workshop for the USA — Sorry, service on hold due to travel restrictions.

For International destinations contact for a quote.

Professional Play Workshop in my City — $2597

Come to Calgary. You will have a full day professional workshop with up to six professional actors. You will hear your play read out loud and have a full 8-hour day round table intensive script development session.

Public Reading Play Showcase

Want to have your workshop to culminate in a public reading?

This is for the playwright who is looking for audience feedback or use this reading as a showcase for a director or literary manager they are marketing to. Contact me to discuss your special requirements.

Sorry, services on hold due to COVID travel restrictions.

How to pitch to Artistic Directors and Producers Zoom class (coming soon)

“Urban Stories Theatre is all about the playwright. We work with new writers just staring on their journey and help them find their voices. Caroline Russell-King has been a wonderful addition to many of our plays as she weaves her magic with one-on-one meetings and full day workshops. Caroline brings experience, guidance, and passion to everything she does. It has been a joy to see her work with these new playwrights.”

Helen Young, Artistic Director, Urban Stories Theatre

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