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Caroline Russell-King

What Artist Clients Say

“Just had his little theatrical brain blown way by the amazing dramaturgy of Caroline Russell-King - Big, Big Wow! Focused, insightful, direct, friendly (affordable!!) Gonna transform the next production of '33 - A Kabarett.”
Bremner Fletcher Duthie
“When Calgary playwright and dramaturge Caroline Russell-King is mentoring a new play, her mantra is "don't tell me, show me". What she means is that an audience is far more enthralled seeing something happen than just being told what happened.”
Louis B. Hobson
“All of your input was very appreciated. Thank you, again. This script wouldn't be the same without you!”
Melissa Dorsey
“Thank you for your clear-eyed and analytical perspective on the big picture (which I as a playwright sometimes forget) as well as the intricacies of the playwriting craft. You are an empathetic, organized facilitator who is flexible and confident enough to go with the flow throughout a session to ensure a client gets what he/she needs. I would highly recommend your services to anyone!”
David Sealy
“Never thanked you enough for your wisdom and support when I was working on Village.”
Shaaron Montgomery
“Thank you so much for your encouragement and advice. I’m pleased with how the script has progressed.”
Tracy Powers
“Thank you so much for all your guidance and feedback on my script. It’s been an amazing learning experience that really pushed me to look at my writing critically and make the necessary changes. I appreciate all your hard work on my piece…it’s always great to work with someone so supportive of emerging writers! It would be a pleasure to work with you again.”
Kellee Ng
“It was fantastic meeting with you. I hope I can remember the valuable insights and questions you posed regarding my play and the characters in it. I especially enjoyed learning about your journey as a playwright. I look forward to meeting you again (maybe with a different draft?!) and thank you so much for your time (I took two slots!) regards.”
Dale Kwong
“Wow. Blown away by a one hour session of dramaturgy with Caroline Russell-King.”
Leanne Allen, Owner, L.A. Media Inc
“Thank you so much for making my play writing experience so special. You made me feel safe, when I felt vulnerable and inspired when I felt lost. Your support is what keeps me going and your encouragement kept me believing in myself. A true gift you are.”
Michelle Warkentin, Puppeteer
Play development with Helen Young, AD of Urban Stories Theatre and playwright Maria Crooks