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Caroline Russell-King

What Artist Students Say

“Caroline, thank you! This was an amazing course for me, challenging, fun, rewarding. I wrote my first play! I’m very happy about it. You allowed me to boldly go where I’ve never gone before. There were way too many insights for me to describe.”
James Hart
“Caroline as an instructor is awesome. If you want to go and develop as a writer whatever genre you work in she ill aid you in your growth”
Lynn Fraser
“Caroline made me work harder than I expected to do – and I found it a great experience. Well done.”
David May
“Thank you Caroline! The staff truly enjoyed your session – they came out very energized and excited about the season. I know they will put their knowledge to good use.”
Lisa Nowlin, Heritage Park
“I really enjoyed the course Artist’s Way; it helped me find my way towards better self-awareness. I discovered some attitudes and self-talk that were causing me to remain stuck, painfully so. Caroline has done the course several times and so was able to guide us and keep us growing gently. She was respectful of each of our differences, encouraged us individually and collectively helping us find the strength in each other. Thanks so much - hope you can make it to my play opening!”
Karen O’Sullivan Cookson
“Transformed and empowered. That’s how I feel after twelve weeks of The Artist Way. I have grown. I have forgiven and accepted, myself and others. I understand better my motives, desires and talents. Most importantly, I believe in myself and my capabilities. Caroline was an insightful guide, a safe haven, who gently nudged with just the right thought-provoking questions and life-altering assignments”
Sondra Abbott
“Thank you for your amazing class. Yu have been an inspiration to me and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better experience that this class.”
Robin Lun
“Caroline – It’s been a blast from start to finish. I learned a lot and had a great time – what more could I ask for? Thanks for your kind and generous ways”
Rachel Ballantyne
“Thank you Caroline for going above and beyond”
“What an amazing thing to have an instructor who fills you with the nerve to write! Thank you for everything”
“If you want to learn how to write a play this is a perfect course with a a very knowledgeable and experienced instructor that will give you the tools you need”